The Good Morning BREAKFAST Platter - Medium

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The good morning BREAKFAST platter is the perfect grazing platter for morning catch-ups. Complete with some bigger bites and lots of healthy nibbles to start the day off happy and well!

The MEDIUM Breakfast platter Includes:

-       A selection of Locally made Croissants and Danishes

-       A collection of Australian ham & cheese

-      Artisan Jam

-      An abundance of the tastiest Seasonal Fresh Fruit

-      Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans

-     3 mini breakfast jars, your choice of 1 flavour

Mini Breakfast jars flavours: Berry Muesli, with Greek yoghurt (vegetarian), Passionfruit Chia Puddings (vegan), Peanut butter Chocolate Over Night Oats (vegan)

Each platter is carefully hand crafted the day of delivery making them totally individual and allowing for their brightest vitality.

It looks great served in the sustainable recycled packaging, and is the perfect transportable grazing platter to share at any occasion.

You can also pull the sides of the box out, and instantly transform it into an abundant grazing table lying atop a piece of natural fabric.

SIZE MEDIUM: box dimensions 38cm x 28cm x 8cm

Recommended for up to 7 people

The number of people these platters cater to is dependent on many factors including; time of day, appetite level, if other food is also being served etc. so PLEASE make your decision based upon your own knowledge and when in doubt go up a size!

 Please also check the DELIVERY PAGE for Delivery Zones and Shipping Cost information.